Cold Weather and Global Warming

I’m certainly no fan of the current global warming hysteria. While I’m no scientist, what makes me suspect is the degree to which an ostensive scientific issue is being used to advance a conspicuously leftist political agenda. But arguments pro and con will have to wait for now. Regardless of the side one takes on an issue, it remains that one’s arguments need to be cogent and informed. That is why it bothers me when others who also have no love lost regarding global warming seemingly delight in pointing out how cold it is. “It snowed off the coast of Datona Beach, FL today!” they exclaim, confident that the obvious-to-them inconsistency will be just as obvious to everyone else. The problem is, such a quip fails to understand the difference between climate and weather. To think that snow off the coast of Datona Beach is a counter-example to global warming is like thinking that a curve to the north proves that one is not traveling westbound on I 20.  Climate has to do with, among other things, long-term trends whereas weather attends to much more short-term phenomena of the atmosphere. Again, while I’m no cheerleader for the global warming issue, if anyone is going to try to refute the arguments, one’s own arguments must be informed.


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