The Seeming Incoherence of Certain Discussions of the Origin of the Universe

I saw part of a video on the internet having to do with the origin of the universe. The video said that there was no emptiness before creation. This seems right to me. Yet it said that the original universe was “small” like a grain of sand. It then supposedly “expanded” to its current size. But the concept of “small” is incoherent without a context of space against which it is contrasted. If space itself was created and is itself part of the universe, then space is what gives coherence to the concepts of size. So how can the universe be described as “small” and “expanding” since “small” and “expanding” themselves are incoherent without some invariant against which they are contrasted to give meaning to the very terms? I have been told that the problem could be solved by an appeal to the invariant speed of light. Thus, the time it takes light to traverse the expanse of the universe is increaing with the age of the universe. But this doesn’t seem to work since the concept of “speed” is understood as a function of distance and time. But if distance itself is expanding, then it doesn’t make sense to even define the speed of light as invariant. Something seems wrong in the way the matter is set up in the first place.


2 comments on “The Seeming Incoherence of Certain Discussions of the Origin of the Universe

  1. T.B. Vick says:

    Hey Richard, good to see you are blogging. I look forward to your articles. Take care and God Bless.

  2. Jared says:

    In the beginning was nothing – and then it exploded. Which is a neat trick since even space is something. It’s an even neater trick in that there was no such thing as time “before” the explosion.

    Spontaneous generation is rejected by everyone but scientists. Try telling the IRS, “Seriously, all this money just appeared out of nowhere!”

    Every child has at one point been faced with the question “Who started/did/set on fire/ate this?” I, for one, never got away with saying “nothing/nobody” since I was usually the only one around at the time of the incident. Especially when there was three feet of dining room carpet that “mysteriously” got burnt…

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