Hypocracy at the University of Georgia

We’re supposed to believe that the reason the faculty and others at the University of Georgia are concerned with having Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as this year’s graduation speaker is that it sends the wrong message after a year of sexual harassment episodes at the school. Presummably this is because the issue of sexual harassment was raised during Justice Thomas’ comfirmation hearing when allegations of sexual harassment were leveled against Thomas by Anita Hill. We have a word where I’m from for such absolute bilge and nonsense, but I won’t polute my blog with any vulgarity. Here’s what I believe. The faculty and others who express such concerns are either hypocrites or are living in self-deception. Why? Ask yourself: Would these same people express such concerns and opposition if Bill Clinton was to be the graduation speaker even though there is exponentially more evidence that Bill Clinton actually engaged in sexual harrassment than Clarance Thomas? To ask the question is to answer it. QED


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