God Bless Southern Evangelical Seminary

A lot has happened in my life in the recent past. This fall I began teaching full-time at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. I officially started as a full-time professor in July, but my full teaching load didn’t begin until late August. I am teaching World Religions (graduate level), Other Religions: Contemporary Occultism (undergraduate and graduate level), History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (graduate level), Philosophical Apologetics (Ph.D. level), and Apologetic Systems (Ph.D. level). The semester is as exciting as it is busy. Also the seminary has seen a personnel change. Norman L. Geisler, co-founder, past dean, past president, and teacher of apologetics and theology retired from the seminary this semester. But retiring from SES does not mean that he is retiring from his apologetics ministry. I’m confident he’ll continue his teaching, speaking and writing ministry. May the Lord continue to use Dr. Geisler in his apologetic endeavors. As for the seminary, under the leadership of President Alex McFarland, the status and future of the seminary has never been brighter. We occupied our newest building this semester and are continuing the grow. In addition, the seminary launched its Ph.D. program offering the opportunity to pursue the highest in quality research and training in apologetics and philosophy of religion. May God continue to bless SES.


One comment on “God Bless Southern Evangelical Seminary

  1. Keith says:


    Congratulations on the change(s)! I know you’re glad to be near your brother again, too. I discovered your move to SES in an awkward way: earlier this semester I rang your old number at LRS and asked for you. I then tried to reach you at SES, but you didn’t have an extension listed at that time.

    I would like to schedule a time to speak to you about the doctoral program at SES, if that’s OK with you. Feel free to respond privately via email. Thanks!

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