A Good Conference

We (Southern Evangelical Seminary) just finished the 2008 National Conference on Christian Apologetics held at Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. I think it went very well with only a few glitches (not enough room for the break-out session and thus too many got turned away from certain sessions they had chosen to attend). The conference was followed by a debate on the existence of God between Dinesh D’Souza and Michael Shermer. It was a great weekend of intellectural stimulation and spiritual challenge.


2 comments on “A Good Conference

  1. Mike Kozlinski says:

    How did the D’souza/Shermer debate go?

    • I really like D’Souza, but I don’t think the rigor of theistic debate is his strength. He came alive when the topic touched on the intersection of Christianity and culture (i.e., the Christian influence on mankind). Granted Shermer isn’t a rigorous philosophical thinker either so perhaps D’Souza was a good match. Those of us in the audience who are used to dealing with this issue more philosophically were somewhat disappointed overall. D’Souza did have an occasional “Kodak” moment. One was when he challenged Shermer on the issue of altruism and evolution. Why would someone risk his own life (e.g., a soldier) for the good of others? Shermer suggested that evolution would select such courageous actions since such a character would be more attractive in being chosen by a mate. To this, D’Souza quipped “So you’re saying that guys went to fight for the US in Iraq in order to get girls?”

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