God Bless Italy

I recently had the honor and pleasure of visiting Italy with an apologetics team from Southern Evangelical Seminary. We spoke at several churches and universities. I had the opportunity of speaking in churches in Naples and Milan as well as on the campus of Naples University. It was so encouraging to see the faithfulness and hard work for God’s kingdom that the Italian Christians are involved in. May God continue to bless their labors for the Lord.


2 comments on “God Bless Italy

  1. Thank you for putting on your Apologetics classes at the International Baptist Church Naples, Italy. I was the guy that asks how you prove God to someone that will only believe in God if they physically see him. I used the gravity illustration but that back fired as my atheist friend stated you can see the effect of gravity. All this proves to me I need to put my head in the Bible more. I was with the 6’+ giant named Joel. I am US Navy stationed here in Naples, Italy but not for much longer. I am headed to Qatar for a year so fun times for me. Anyway you said that you would make your presentations available on the net but I can’t find them. When I talked to Pastor Tim Monahan and Pastor Tim Faulkner they keep giving me http://www.ses.edu but that is a dead end. Do you have the link where I can see at least the slides for the presentations you made? Thank you for coming to IBC Naples and I hope to hear back from you soon.

    Lonny Anthony Wedell

  2. Your friend did not understand your gravity illustration. Not only did using this illustration not “backfire” on you, his response made the precise point you were trying to make. We cannot see gravity, but we know much about it because we can observe its effect. This is precisely the point. We cannot “see” God, but we can know much about Him by his effects (the origin of the universe, the sustaining of the universe, the design within the universe (information content in the DNA, the fine tuning of the universe’s physical constants, the origin of life)).
    The link they gave you (http://www.ses.edu) is indeed the link to the school where I teach. However, I was planning on putting the slides on my own personal web site at http://www.richardghowe.com. They are not up yet as I became ill soon after returing to the US and had to have surgery. Thanks for your patience. I will get them up soon. In the mean time, keep in touch either through this blog or my personal email (available on my web site). God bless.

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