Loosing Your Donkey for Jesus

Once in a discussion on the Bible with a friend, I made the comment that not every verse in the Bible applies to us today. In my attempt to assuage my friend’s shock, I then made an appeal to what I thought would be a rather uncontroversial example, to wit, Matt. 21:2 where Jesus told the disciples to loose the donkey (actually two donkeys) and bring it (them) to Him. I reasoned with my friend Continue reading


The Seeming Incoherence of Certain Discussions of the Origin of the Universe

I saw part of a video on the internet having to do with the origin of the universe. The video said that there was no emptiness before creation. This seems right to me. Yet it said that the original universe was “small” like a grain of sand. It then supposedly “expanded” to its current size. But the concept of “small” is incoherent without a context of space against which it Continue reading

The Religion of the Candidate

With the increasing religious diversity in America, I suspect that more and more will be made of any particular political candidate’s personal religious convictions whenever there is a campaign afoot. Cæteris paribus, there is an important sense in which a candidate’s personal religious affiliation Continue reading

Cold Weather and Global Warming

I’m certainly no fan of the current global warming hysteria. While I’m no scientist, what makes me suspect is the degree to which an ostensive scientific issue is being used to advance a conspicuously leftist political agenda. But arguments pro and con will have to wait for now. Regardless of the side one takes on an issue, it remains that one’s arguments need to be cogent and informed. That is why it bothers me when others who also have Continue reading

Wherever the Evidence Leads


Antony Flew shows what happens when one honestly follows the evidence wherever it leads. As one of the world’s most important philosophical atheists, doing just that has led him out of atheism and into theism (deism for all you nitpickers): or, as he puts it, his “discovery of the divine.” I highly recommend reading his latest co-work (with Roy Abraham Varghese) There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind (New York: Harper One, 2007). More later . . .