The University of Common Sense

The Atlanta area is blessed to be able to hear the wisdom and common sense of Herman Cain on WSB 750 New/Talk each weeknight from 7 to 10 Eastern Time. Occasional, Herman’s wisdom and common sense is augmented by his callers. Tonight, that wisdom came through the voice of a caller named Michele who lamented the fact that, while many complain about the climbing price of gasoline, not enough people are likewise lamenting the fact that our Democrat-controlled Congress is about to let the Bush tax cuts expire and are also planning on adding to that climbing gasoline price by tacking on additional gasoline taxes (both of which will hit our wallets worse than the gasoline price increases alone). Herman observed the syndrome that plagues too many Americans, viz., out of sight, out of mind. It’s apparently not immediately obvious to the average American (and too many don’t play close enough attention) that this is what the Democrat-controlled Congress has planned for us. This ignorance reminds me of the guy who commented that he wasn’t worried about taxes because he wasn’t paying any taxes this year. Why? Because he was getting a refund! Heaven save us from such ignorance.


One comment on “The University of Common Sense

  1. Jared says:

    Rush Limbaugh had a great idea: allow everyone to take 100% of their income home with them and then force them to write checks for all their taxes and deductions.

    The “out of sight out of mind” thing is apparent in the fact that most people think that their “net” income is their real salary while ignoring that it’s the “gross” that is the real amount.

    When you’re a kid you’re shocked at how little you actually take home, but when you get to be an adult you just tend to accept it as natural.

    I just finished reading “Atlas Shrugged” the philosophy was weak but the politics was right on. In the book, the nation is in the toilet and the liberal government wants one man to fix all their problems. They promise that they’ll do whatever he asks them to do and he says simply “Abolish the income tax” and of course they couldn’t possibly do that because that’s a financial matter…

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